This course requires a payment for entry.

PKR 1,500.00

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Starting: Thursday, 4th May 2023 | Ending: 14th Sept' 2023

Days & Timings: Thursdays | 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm (PKT)

Course Fee: Rs. 1500 (One Time)

Al-Qur'an Tadabbur Wa 'Amal Course - Juzz 30 (Al-Takwir, Al-Infitar, Al-Mutaffifin, Al-Inshiqaq, Al-Buruj, Al-Tariq, Al-A'la, Al-Ghashiyah, Al-Fajr, Al-Balad, Al-Shams)

  • Students become confident enough to ponder and reflect upon the selected surahs.
  • Students become capable of understanding them in wholesomeness.
  • Students can practice in daily life the lessons learned from them.
  • Students become motivated to memorize word to word translation of the whole Qur’anic Text.
  • To encourage students for Dawa-e-Deen.


Medium: Urdu